I will always give respect to all women and will make all efforts to make this place safe for them. I will not tolerate any injustice done to them.  In my capacity I will not leave any stone unturned for their wellbeing.


I will give respect to my teachers, parents & elders and will try my level best in understanding their point of view irrespective of howsoever illogical and unreasonable it may sound.  I will give respect to all of them and make this place a more caring & happier for them. 


Along with doing well or reasonably well in education, I will also inculcate the habit of thinking in myself.

I will understand the thin line between good & bad as well right & wrong and will ensure that I exercise my rights for the overall benefit of mankind. 

There will be ups & downs in life but that’s fine because I will know how to manage them.  I will not only work smart but also very hard.  Will stretch myself to lead by setting an example & not just merely talking.


I will always drive safely and will follow all traffic rules & regulations irrespective of how good or bad my mood may be J.  Arrogance will never find place in me. 


Along with giving a nice hug to my mother/father & taking their blessings; maintaining a good health, playing sports, doing exercise, yoga & socializing will always find place in my daily schedule.


I will always protect Mother Earth, will grow more trees, will reduce carbon emission, will save water, will not waste food & will protect and love animals.


I will always remain independent by not taking any favours from anybody for any sort of personal gains.  I will never ever get corrupted irrespective of the system I am in and will try my best to change the corrupt system itself.


I will always remember the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and will always protect the power, unity and integrity of this country.

Along with my family, I also have the responsibility of the families of all those people of this country who have sacrificed their life for the country.  I owe a lot to the family of our defense personnel, our police force and the families of our freedom fighters and will thrive to contribute my best to these families.


While I do understand that money is important in life to give me the economic freedom & secure future, so that I can contribute to make things better, money will never be my first priority in life. Contribution to the society, welfare of humanity, Love and Compassion will always come before any kind of materialistic things. 


In future after my studies, whichever profession I am in, while I get the power & position, I will always live an unselfish life, will never get biased towards any region, religion, caste, creed, etc & will strive hard to raise the respect for that profession. 

I would always try to find a way to do an act of charity every day in whichever way possible. 

I will try my best to make our country “Bharat” more self-reliant and will focus on developing self-sustainable business model.


I will take responsibilities & contribute whole heartedly to make this planet a happier place to live in.                 

I pledge to take this oath


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