I am an ordinary citizen of this great nation “Bharat”, we also call India. My heart still beats for our motherland. I am privileged to have born in this great nation and prays god to give me all my rebirths in this soil.

I am an HR professional with international exposure & have worked with India & Dubai’s most renowned companies & top 10 best employer’s, with more than 18 years of experience in managing the entire gamut of HR function.  I am a member of various HR professional networks, an associate member of ISABS (Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences), CII Certified HR Assessor in India and a Jury member of various HR competitions and various HR committees.  I am widely invited as a Speaker & Panelist in various HR meets across the country.  That’s about the profession and what I do to keep my family running.


But by passion, I wish to bring back the past glory of my nation and make this world a much happier place to live in.

I am a Badminton, TT & Football player.  I love to write and have published various articles in newspapers and magazines.  I have also got copy write of 3 scripts from Indian Film writers association.

I believe that there is no other country in the world which is more god-gifted than Bharat.  Despite that we are still struggling to become a developed country and get our people out of poverty and misery.

I am no expert in the subject matter but my years of research and commitment for the cause to make things better may help me in bringing out some very important aspects on this subject.  As the purpose is so vast, no amount of writeup alone can make up for the actual action required.  But it can surely propel people to move in right direction.  There are no ideal situations to start a noble work and there never shall be and hence I believe we will have to start somewhere without waiting for perfection. 

My friends and children, this is not an ordinary land where we are born or our roots are from.  This is the land of great saints, ethical leaders, spiritual gurus and warriors with great sacrifice. Our ancestors have laid their lives to give our country freedom.  They have seen so difficult times that we can’t even imagine. 

Despite all that, we as a country are far behind in many things and have still not explored our full potential because many of our citizens are so self-centered and selfish that except their own benefit and interest they are hardly bothered about anything.  They forget to look at the bigger picture and to imagine that they are not permanent in this world and the family which they live behind will be part of the same ecosystem which they have made knowingly or unknowingly and directly or indirectly.

I believe we are the only generation who has got the opportunity to truly experience the traditional things of our ancestor’s time and the most modern amenities of todays’ time.  Our generation is the only generation which still has a link in connecting the new generation back to basics.  If we also fail to revitalize our coming generation, god knows what will happen.

I hope the mistakes which we & our generation has made will not be repeated by you all. You all will ensure that not only these mistakes are resolved but also the humanity evolves further so that there is prosperity & happiness everywhere.

In the name of success, prosperity, power & happiness we have screwed up the whole planet.  We are still not satisfied with our success and are planning to do the same at other planets also. God knows what will happen if this greed continues.  We have grown and prospered to this extent that all the basics and most important things in life looks nonsense and least important to us. We have reached the top of the curve from where everything except material gains looks nonsense and insignificant. 

We have grown, we have prospered, we have achieved success and are now at a stage where we the humans are standing face to face with the possibility of creating the extinction history of this beautiful species “Humans”.  The best creation of god “Humans” have not left any options to achieve all the material success in life but have still not explored the spiritual means of success and happiness to much extent. 

I am making this website, for the coming generations, the school and college students, so that they all are prepared from day one and don’t spend time & efforts what we have already spent in finding the current and immediate future problems. You should continuously prepare yourself to set them right and get them resolve.  Though I believe every generation has their own set of SWOTs(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) it is also important to know the status quo. It is important to know from where we have travelled, how far we have travelled and where are we currently, under what circumstances. It helps a lot and makes it easier to build further.

I have been visiting various schools and colleges to address the students because I believe school and college is a place where the raw material for the future of the country is made and if things go wrong during this phase, how can the finished products be good. My subject is not HR, marketing or sales…it is generally all about real life and real world, moral values, Ethics, Culture and Good Human Beings.


I have tried to put an honest attempt by giving you all some food for thought, which may help you to become “Good Human Beings” (GHBs), which is actually the need of the time. There are some audios, videos, links to various other sites related to the subject matter and some thoughts which may help you to think further.  You are free to express your thoughts and leave some food for thought for others too.  I will also need volunteers to take this work forward who can not only help with their wisdom but also have that emotion and spirit which was in our forefathers had. I donot need any donation or monetary help.  We just need volunteers who can disseminate these thoughts to the younger generations and can gather the army of Gurus, Sevaks & Yodhaas to make Bharat regain its past glory.

I invite you all to join this movement for creating “Good Human Beings” (GHBs) because it is then we can bring about the revolution for setting things right and re-correcting the humanity.











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